which number is the estimated square root of 15 closest to​


Answer 1


3.87 that should be the answer

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3- ¿Cuál es la probabilidad de que al escoger un número positivo de dos cifras, este sea
primo y termine en 3?
O a) 1/15
b) 2/90
c) 6/91
d) 9/90



6 primos de dos cifras(casos favorables) / 90 numeros de dos cifras(casos posibles) = 1/15

Step-by-step explanation:

Usando el concepto de probabilidad, se encuentra que hay una probabilidad de [tex]\frac{1}{15}[/tex], opcion A, de que al escoger un número positivo de dos cifras, este sea  primo y termine en 3.


Una probabilidad es dada por la división de el número de resultados deseados por el número de resultados totales. Hay 90 números positivos de dos cifras.13, 23, 43, 53, 73, 83 son primos y terminan en 3, o sea, el número de resultados deseados es 6.


[tex]p = \frac{6}{90} = \frac{1}{15}[/tex]

Probabilidad de [tex]\frac{1}{15}[/tex], opcion A, de que al escoger un número positivo de dos cifras, este sea  primo y termine en 3.

Un problema similar es dado en https://brainly.com/question/24583317

Find atleast 5 numbers between 1/2 and 1/3.



12.2 12.3 12.4 12.5

Step-by-step explanation:

) A watershed experiences a rainfall of 8 inches. What is the runoff volume when the curve number is 80



5.625 inches

Step-by-step explanation:

Given that:

Total Rainfall in inches (P) = 8 inches

The runoff volume (in inches) Q = ???

The curve number CN = 80

Recall that: The runoff volume can be calculated by using the formula:

[tex]Q = \dfrac{(P-0.2S)^2}{(P+0.8S)}[/tex]    for P > 0.2S

Q = 0                     for P < 0.2S

[tex]S = \dfrac{1000}{CN}-10[/tex]


curve number CN = 80

[tex]S = \dfrac{1000}{80}-10[/tex]

S = 2.5 inches

Since the rainfall (P) is greater than 0.25


[tex]Q = \dfrac{(P-0.2S)^2}{(P+0.8S)}[/tex]  

[tex]Q = \dfrac{(8-0.2(2.5))^2}{(8+0.8(2.5))}[/tex]

[tex]Q = \dfrac{(8-0.5)^2}{(8+2)}[/tex]

[tex]Q = \dfrac{(7.5)^2}{(10)}[/tex]

[tex]Q = \dfrac{(56.25)}{(10)}[/tex]

Q = 5.625 inches

Thus, the runoff volume = 5.625 inches

if a person ran 1/2 of a mile in 1/10 of an hour. How far will the person run in one (1) hour?


Step-by-step explanation:

In 1/10 of 1hr = 1/2 mile

10*(1/10) of 1hr = 10(1/2) mile

(10/10) of 1hr = (10/2) mile

1 of 1hr = 5mile

It says, he can run 5 miles in 1 hour

Angle 9 and angle 8 are what kind of angles? *
Alternate Interior Angles
Same Side Interior Angles
Corresponding Angles
Alternate Exterior Angles
What is the value of x.



Angle 9 and Angle 8 they are the same

Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

find m ABC (2x) (5x+5)




Step-by-step explanation:

(2x) (5x+5) = 180

7x + 5 = 180

7x = 175

x = 25

5(25) + 5 = 125 + 5 = 130

Hope this helps (:

According to Boyle's Law, if the temperature of a confined gas is held fixed, then the product of the pressure P and the volume V is a constant, suppose that, for a certain gas, PV=800 where P is measured in pounds per square inch and V is measured in cubic inches.
A) Find the average rate of change of P as V increases from 200in^3 to 250in^3.
B) Express V as a function of P and show that the instantaneous rate of change of V with respect to P is inversely proportional to the square of P.



I think its B

Step-by-step explanation:

Forgive me if I am wrong, give me brainliest if I am right!

How do you solve for x?


You would set up a proportion.

20/8 = x/14

Solve, and your answer is x = 35

solve -3x^2=150
please help me ​




Tap to view steps...

Step-by-step explanation:

math, way, . , com

How many edges are there on a cylinder?



There are 0 number of edges on a cylinder

g(x) = 2x+1
Write the expressions for (f-g)(x) and (f+g)(x) and evaluate (fg)(4).



(f - g)(x) = -x - 6

(f + g)(x) = 3x - 4

(f*g)(4) = -9

Step-by-step explanation:

These are your equations:

f(x) = x - 5

g(x) = 2x + 1

To find (f - g)(x), subtract g(x) from f(x).

(f - g)(x) = x - 5 - (2x + 1)

(f - g)(x) = x - 5 - 2x - 1

(f - g)(x) = -x - 5 - 1

(f - g)(x) = -x - 6

To find (f + g)(x), add f(x) with g(x).

(f + g)(x) = x - 5 + 2x + 1

(f + g)(x) = 3x - 5 + 1

(f + g)(x) = 3x - 4

To find (f*g)(4), you need to first find (f*g)(4).  You can do this by multiplying f(x) wih g(x).

(f*g)(x) = (x - 5)(2x + 1)

(f*g)(x) = 2x² - 9x - 5

Now that you have (f*g)(x), solve with x as 4.

(f*g)(4) = 2(4)² - 9(4) - 5

(f*g)(4) = 2(16) - 9(4) - 5

(f*g)(4) = 32 - 36 - 5

(f*g)(4) = -9

The required expression for (f-g)(x), (f+g)(x) and (fg)(4) are given as 3x - 4, -x - 6 and 11.

What are functions?

Functions is the relationship between sets of values. e g y=f(x), for every value of x there is its exists in a set of y. x is the independent variable while Y is the dependent variable.

g(x) = 2x+1

According to the question,
[f + g ](x) = x - 5 + 2x + 1 = 3x - 4

[f + g ](x) =  3x - 4

[f - g ](x) =  x - 5 - 2x - 1
[f - g ](x) = -x - 6

(f.g)(x) = (x - 5)(2x + 1)
(f.g)(x) = 2x² -4x -5

(f.g)(4) = 2[4]² - 4[4] - 5
         = 32 - 16 - 5
         = 11
(f.g)(4) = 11

Thus, the required expression for (f-g)(x), (f+g)(x) and (fg)(4) are given as 3x - 4, -x - 6 and 11.

Learn more about function here:




Christa and her family went out for pizza and it cost $28. In Tennessee we have a sales tax that is 7% which has to be paid along with $28. What is the sales tax on $28?


7% of 28$ is $1.96. Hope that helps

An Airliner has a capacity for 300 passengers. If the company overbook a flight with 320 passengers, What is the probability that it will not be enough seats to accommodate all passengers. Assume that the probability that a randomly selected passenger shows up to the airport is 0.96. Find the probability using the normal distribution as an approximation to the binomial distribution.



The probability is   [tex]P(X  >300 ) = 0.97219 [/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

From the question we are told that

 The capacity of  an Airliner  is  k =  300 passengers

 The sample size n =  320 passengers

  The probability the a randomly selected passenger shows up on to the airport

    [tex]p = 0.96[/tex]

Generally the mean is mathematically represented as

    [tex]\mu  =  n*  p[/tex]

  => [tex]\mu  =  320 *  0.96[/tex]

    => [tex]\mu  = 307.2[/tex]

Generally the standard deviation is  

    [tex]\sigma =  \sqrt{n *  p *  (1 -p ) }[/tex]

=>  [tex]\sigma =  \sqrt{320  *  0.96 *  (1 -0.96 ) }[/tex]

=> [tex]\sigma =3.50 [/tex]

Applying Normal approximation of binomial distribution

Generally the probability that there will not be enough seats to accommodate all passengers is mathematically represented as

  [tex]P(X  > k ) =  P( \frac{ X -\mu }{\sigma }  >  \frac{k - \mu}{\sigma } )[/tex]

Here [tex]\frac{ X -\mu }{\sigma }  =Z (The \ standardized \  value \  of  \ X )[/tex]

=>[tex]P(X  >300 ) =  P(Z >  \frac{300 - 307.2}{3.50} )[/tex]

Now applying  continuity correction we have

    [tex]P(X  >300 ) =  P(Z >  \frac{[300+0.5] - 307.2}{3.50} )[/tex]    

=>    [tex]P(X  >300 ) =  P(Z >  \frac{[300.5] - 307.2}{3.50} )[/tex]

=>    [tex]P(X  >300 ) =  P(Z >  -1.914 )[/tex]

From the z-table  

    [tex]P(Z >  -1.914 ) =  0.97219[/tex]


    [tex]P(X  >300 ) = 0.97219 [/tex]

- You invest $1,000 in a stock market index fund that earns 8% compounded annually overa
10-year period (a simplified example since stock market returns vary year to year). How
much would your investment be worth after this 10-year period?
A. $1,080
B. $1,800
C. $2,000
D. More than $2,000



I believe c

Step-by-step explanation:

I believe this because if you invest in stock for ten years as on this paragraph the answer is C

Option D is correct. we worth more than $2000 after 10 year period.

What is Percentage?

percentage, a relative value indicating hundredth parts of any quantity.

Given that  You invest $1,000 in a stock market index fund that earns 8% compounded annually over a 10-year period.

We have to find the  investment be worth after this 10-year period.


P is the initial amount

r is rate of interest

n is the time





Hence, option D is correct. we worth more than $2000 after 10 year period.

To learn more on Percentage click:



[tex] 2 \times 2[/tex]





Step-by-step explanation:

2 × 2 = 4

Which point is located at (-1,3)?




Step-by-step explanation:

1 back, 3 up.

Simple when graphing you use the form (x,y)

Therefore the answer is Point C.

X is -1 and Y is 3

Please give brainliest

Aging workers of the Neotropical termite, Neocapritermes taracua, develop blue crystal containing glands ("backpacks") on their backs, When they fight intruding termites and are hampered, these "blue" termites explode, and the glands spew a sticky liquid (Sobotnik et al. 2012). The following data are from an experiment that measured the toxicity of the blue substance. A single drop of the liquid extracted from blue termites was placed on individuals of a second termite species, Labiotermes labralis, and the number that were immobilized (dead or paralyzed) within 60 minutes was recorded. The frequency of this outcome was compared with a control treatment in which liquid from glands of "white" termites lacking the blue crystals was dropped instead.
Is the blue liquid toxic compared to liquid from white termites?
Liquid source Unharmed Immobilized
Blue workers 3 37
White workers 31 9



Yes blue liquid is toxic

Step-by-step explanation:

H0: p1 = p2

H1: p1>p2

For blue

We calculate proportion as

37/40 = 0.925

For white

9/40 = 0.2250

To get p

(X1 + x2)/(n1 + n2)

= 0.5750

After calculating the z as statistic (please check attachment) I got 6.33

P value = 0.0000

We reject null hypothesis and say in conclusion that enough evidence exists for us to say blu liquid is toxic!

Thank you!

The equation of a circle is (x−2)2+(y+6)2=100. Find the equation of a circle that is externally tangent to the given circle and has a center at (14, 3).




Step-by-step explanation:

equation of a circle is (x-h)^2+(y-h)^2=r^2

so center is (14,3) and is tangent externally means


(x-14)^2+(y-3)^2=9 answer

The equation of a circle is externally tangent to the given circle and has a center at (14, 3) is [tex](x-14)^2 + (y-3)^2=9[/tex]

The standard formula for finding the equation of a circle is expressed as:



(a, b) is the centre

r is the radius

Given the center at (14, 3)

If the equation of a circle is externally tangent to the given circle and has a center at (14, 3), then the radius will be 3

Substitute the radius and the centre into the expression above to have:

[tex](x-14)^2 + (y-3)^2=3^2\\(x-14)^2 + (y-3)^2=9[/tex]

Hence the equation of a circle is externally tangent to the given circle and has a center at (14, 3) is [tex](x-14)^2 + (y-3)^2=9[/tex]

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Restless Leg Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
People with restless leg syndrome have a strong urge to move their legs to stop uncomfortable sensations. People with fibromyalgia suffer pain and tenderness in joints throughout the body. A recent study indicates that people with fibromyalgia are much more likely to have restless leg syndrome than people without the disease. The study indicates that, for people with fibromyalgia, the probability is 0.33 of having restless leg syndrome, while for people without fibromyalgia, the probability is 0.03. About 2% of the population has fibromyalgia. Create a tree diagram from this information and use it to find the probability that a person with restless leg syndrome has fibromyalgia.



The probability that a person with restless leg syndrome has fibromyalgia is 0.183.

Step-by-step explanation:

Denote the events as follows:

F = a person with fibromyalgia

R = a person having restless leg syndrome

The information provided is as follows:

P (R | F) = 0.33

P (R | F') = 0.03

P (F) = 0.02

Consider the tree diagram attached below.

Compute the probability that a person with restless leg syndrome has fibromyalgia as follows:


            [tex]=\frac{(0.33\times 0.02)}{(0.33\times 0.02)+(0.03\times 0.98)}\\\\=\frac{0.0066}{0.0066+0.0294}\\\\=0.183333\\\\\approx 0.183[/tex]

Thus, the probability that a person with restless leg syndrome has fibromyalgia is 0.183.

A light bulb consumes 3450 watt-hours-in 5 days and 18 hours. How many watt-hours does it consume per day


5 days = 5 * 24 = 120 hours

120 + 18 = 138hours

3450/138 * 24 = 600 watt hours

600watt hours <–––––––


5 days = 5 * 24 = 120 hours

120 + 18 = 138hours

3450/138 * 24 = 600 watt hours  

600watt hours

Jessica and Monte sell bananas at a produce stand. Jessica earns $4 for each crate of bananas she sells. At the end of the week, Monte has earned $15 less than Jessica. The following expression shows Monte's earnings:

4y − 15

In the expression, what does the first term represent?

Jessica's earnings at the end of the week
The number of crates of bananas Jessica sold
Monte's earnings at the end of the week
The number of crates of bananas Monte sold



Jessica's Earning's at the end of the week

Step-by-step explanation:

If Jessica earns $4 for every crate she sells that means the first term would be what Jessica earned at the end of the week minus $15 because Monte made $15 dollars less then Jessica.

In the expression the first term represents "The number of crates of bananas Monte sold". So option D is correct.

What are expressions?

An expression is a sentence with at least two numbers or variables having mathematical operation. Maths operations can be subtraction, multiplication, addition,  division.

For example, 2x+3

The expression given for Monte's earnings is 4y - 15.

In this expression, the first term is 4y.

This term represents the amount of money Monte earns per crate of bananas he sells.

Therefore, the first term represents the rate of pay for Monte's earnings, which is $4 per crate.

So, the answer is: The first term represents the amount of money Monte earns per crate of bananas he sells.

To know more about Expressions check:



which equation choice could represent the graph shown below?



The answer is...


I think this is the answer. I haven't done this kind of math in a while so...

The chosen equation, (x +3)(x + 3) = 0, will serve as a representation of the provided graph.

What is a Quadratic equation?

ax²+bx+c=0, with a not, equals 0 is a quadratic equation, which is a second-order polynomial equation in a single variable. It has at least one solution because it is a second-order polynomial equation, which is guaranteed by the algebraic fundamental theorem. The answer could be simple or complicated.

given a Graph of a quadratic equation.

Contrarily, parabolas are used to graph quadratic equations. In other words, the data will be displayed as either an "open" or "upside-down" U-shaped curve. The graph is always quadratic if you are drawing a graph from a function and the equation involves x².

in this graph, we can observe that graph has only one root at x = -3

therefore the equation of the Given parabola is

(x + 3)² = 0


(x +3)(x + 3) = 0

therefore, the equation choice could represent the graph given will be (x +3)(x + 3) = 0.

Learn more about Quadratic equations here:




Solve 1.43p + 2.2 = -4.001. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. Show your work.



p = -4.33636363636

Step-by-step explanation:

subtract 2.2 from -4.001 which equals -4.001-2.2=-6.201 and divide -6.201 by 1.43p and that equals -4.33636363636 so p = -4.33636363636

please help ! i would mark brainliest to the first answer.


x^2 = 4 py

where p<0

Step-by-step explanation:

I think this is it but I am not sure


An albatross is a large bird that can fly 400 kilometers in 8 hours at a constant speed. Using d for distance in kilometers and t for number of hours, an
equation that represents this situation is d-50t.

Enter the smaller of the two constants of proportionality.




Step-by-step explanation:

400 divided by 50 hopefully that helps with your question

Please help ASAP!!! Will give brainlist!



the last 1

Step-by-step explanation:

can someone solve this please 5(5t + 1) = 25t – 7


It’s either no solution or just false depending on the answer choices you have

solving steps:
5= -7

which is not true

Alex is making a candy that contains 75% white chocolate and the rest peppermint sticks. The candy has 3 pounds
of peppermint sticks.
Part A: Write an equation using one variable that can be used to find the total number of pounds of white
chocolate and peppermint sticks in the candy. Define the variable used in the equation. (5 points)
Part B: How many pounds of white chocolate are present in the candy? Show your work. (5 points)




Step-by-step explanation:

Can someone explain the snake method, I don't understand how to do it



x ∈ [−2; 1] ∪ 3.5

Step-by-step explanation:


Inequality: (x-1)(x+2)(2x-7)≤0


If we solve the corresponding equation (x-1)(x+2)(2x-7)²= 0, we get roots

x =  -2, 1, 3.5

We need to consider the following 4 intervals:

(−∞; −2), [−2; 1], (1; 3.5), (3.5; ∞)

1st interval (−∞; −2)

The expression (x-1)(x+2)(2x-7)² is positive as two of the multiples are negative and one is always positive (square number), and therefore  does not satisfy the inequality.

2nd interval  [−2; 1]

The expression is negative as only one of the multiples is negative, and therefore the interval (−1; 2) satisfies the inequality.

3rd interval (1; 3.5)

The expression is positive as all the multiples are positive. Therefore, the interval (1; 3.5) also does not satisfy the inequality.

4th interval

The expression is positive as above, and therefore also does not satisfy the inequality.  

So, the answer to the inequality is:

x ∈ [−2; 1] ∪ 3.5




m [slope] = 5/2

Step-by-step explanation:

Find two points on the line where they are both integers(Whole numbers, positive or negative). (30,0) and (50,50).

There is a rise of 5 units for every run of 2 units.

(30,0) → (50,50) = (30 + 20, 0 + 50) : (x,y)

m = ∆y/∆x [Change in y over the change in x]

m = 50/20

m = 5/2

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